Best Makeup For Acne Review

Best Acne MakeupIf you are looking for the best foundation for acne skin, then I should be able to help. May I suggest a few products that are our favourites. Following I will explain why:

Top 4 makeup for acne products in US and Canada

>>>>Learn more about Murad Acne Treatment Concealer (Light) (US & Canada)

>>>>Find out more about Murad Acne Treatment Concealer (medium to dark) (US & Canada)

>>>>Go to Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer here (Great for hyperpigmentation problems) (US & Canada)

>>>>Learn more about Mineral Makeup Hydrating Mineral Veil Kit here (all over foundation) (US & Canada)

Top 5 makeup for acne products in Europe including UK

>>>>Learn more about Bare Escentuals Foundation SPF 15 (Most recommended for acne prone skin)

>>>>Find out about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Bisque Concealer SPF20 (light)

>>>>Learn more about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Multi-Tasking bisque Concealer SPF20 (dark)

>>>>Find out about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Mineral Veil (all skin types)

>>>>learn more about Lavera Concealing Blemish Stick here

We always suggest that if you are planning on wearing makeup on sensitive skin, then choose the most natural products that you can find. The Acne Scar Treatment team recommend mineral makeup for acne prone skin.

As you can guess from the name, this makeup is mineral makeup, which means it is free of talc, oils, preservatives, waxes, fragrances and other harmful chemicals that can damage your skin and cause acne breakouts.

bareMinerals is a great brand of makeup that is leading the mineral makeup acne niche. Other competitors in quality acne makeup are Murad and jane iredale to name a few.

I found it really confusing when selecting my top 10 foundation products to sample. They all claim to be totally natural, smooth and easy to apply, even if you have not used makeup much before. I was excited about testing the samples, and our findings were unanimous based on results on my skin as well as our volunteers.

But don’t just take our words for it. Here is one of many glowing reviews that the Acne Scar Treatment Review Team found about Bare Escentuals Foundation products:

“I have suffered from terrible terrible skin since my early teenage years. I have tried every acne treatment and anti oil solution going until i found bareminerals. I cannot state how amazed i am and how great this is. I now have ‘normal’ skin like others and can go out without makeup and not flintch. i don’t normally write reviews but for anyone with issues about thier skin i can highly recommend you try bareminerals makeup.”
Jane B, Scotland, UK

Here is our top 10 listing again:

Top 4 makeup for acne products in US and Canada

>>>>Learn more about Murad Acne Treatment Concealer (Light) (US & Canada)

>>>>Find out more about Murad Acne Treatment Concealer (medium to dark) (US & Canada)

>>>>Go to Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer here (Great for hyperpigmentation problems) (US & Canada)

>>>>Learn more about Mineral Makeup Hydrating Mineral Veil Kit here (all over foundation) (US & Canada)

Top 5 makeup for acne products in Europe including UK

>>>>Learn more about Bare Escentuals Foundation SPF 15 (Most recommended for acne prone skin)

>>>>Find out about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Bisque Concealer SPF20 (light)

>>>>Learn more about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Multi-Tasking bisque Concealer SPF20 (dark)

>>>>Find out about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Mineral Veil (all skin types)

>>>>learn more about Lavera Concealing Blemish Stick here

When it comes to your skin, price shouldn’t matter too much. The cheaper products always clog your skin and don’t leave a smooth silky and effortless finish. However, price is a key factor that we always consider as many of us don’t have the luxury to pick whatever product we want.

With that in mind, we have found products that are all under $25 in the US and Canada, or under £20 in Europe.

Applying Makeup On Acne Skin

Extra Acne Makeup Information

Before applying any makeup, you should always thoroughly cleanse the skin. Massage your chosen acne facial wash onto the skin with warm water. Rinse thoroughly, then splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

Next use an alcohol free toner to pick up any dirt that you missed when you washed your face. Use cotton wool for this. Lastly, use an oil free moisturiser to rehydrate the skin.

Always apply foundation that suits the colour of your skin tone. Extend your makeup out to your neckline so that the colour blends smoothly.

If you have troublesome spot areas, use a corrective concealer stick to cover the problem area. Then use your foundation as normal.

Finish off the face with loose powder to deshine the skin. Remember to always clean makeup brushes and face towels regularly to avoid the spread of bacteria.

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Best Makeup For Acne
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How to Cover Acne with Makeup
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Best Makeup For Acne Prone Skin
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What make up can i wear that wont make acne worse?
I have been to see a dermatologist and she said i can still wear make up as long as it’s non oil based. I have look on the internet and cant find any good.

Tips for make up and skin care
If you have a skin disorder e.g. acne, you should not apply heavy or chemical based make up. Consult your dermatologist if you are not sure about the make up products that you can use while you have acne or other skin disorder.

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Acne Scar Laser Treatment Review

Acne ScarsIf you are looking for some advice and info on the best acne scar laser treatments, then you have come to the right place. If you don’t have much time, here are the links to the Acne Treatment teams leading acne treatment products and services:

>>>>Find out about Civant Skin Care Meladerm For Acne

The Acne Scar Treatment team are strong advocates for finding you the best acne scar treatments that are all natural, gentle, affordable, and avoid costly and painful surgery.

If you are looking for the best acne laser treatment then I can relate. I was an acne sufferer for many years, was teased as a teenager and found it difficult to cope with my skin condition in adult years.

I am guessing that you will have already searched high and low for a topical acne treatment, cream, lotion or potion that will relieve your acne breakouts and scars. Probably with no success?

When you are in a lot of pain physically and emotionally over your skin, it’s hard to make sound decisions because you just want to feel beautiful and attractive again. Please do reconsider opting for an acne scars laser treatment. We truly believe that it is not the way forward.

Before you do take the big leap to getting laser surgery, I suggest that you take a look at Civant Skin Care Meladerm Skin Lightener. This has been a life changing product for me.

It has the power to lighten the appearance of acne scars, and even out skin tone. My skin was red and sore when I started using this product. It really evened out the appearance of my scars and spots, and I was able to stop using the heavy makeup that I used as a cover up on a daily basis.

Meladerm was first developed in 1999, and it won awards in later years for its revolutionary formula for clear skin. I tried it on a free trial run for 30 days (in 2008) and was so pleased with the effects. Meladerm will save you the cost and pain of laser treatment for acne scars.

Enough about my thoughts, here is one of many glowing reviews that I found about Civant Skin Care Meladerm:

"I am absolutly amazed. I could see the results after just one use! I am only 1 week into use and am going back to order the entire line!!! I have tried lazer treatments, microdermabrasion, other products and NOTHING has worked as well as this product!!"J.M. Aug 2009

Meladerm is full of natural ingredients, from Mulberry Extract to Licorice Extract. It’s really gentle on the skin, you use in as a gentle exfoliater. I use mine twice a day, but once a day would be sufficient in improving your skin.

If you are planning on acne scarring laser treatment, I just want to warn you of the risks that are involved. If after reading this you still want to go ahead with acne laser treatment, then I wish you all the best.

Firstly, obviously you will experience alot of pain post surgery. This will calm down after the first few weeks of treatment. You will probably need to use pain relief for the first few weeks.

An unfortunate side effect of any laser treatment is that the treated area will appear very red for up to 6 months.

A common problem after laser treatment is hyperpigmentation. This is when the skin becomes very sensitive to the sun and produces darkened patches. This is common and very frustrating as you will have this to deal with even if your acne scars improve.

I have a friend who had laser treatment. She couldn’t go out in the sun for 6 months. She was very miserable as you would guess. I would have to say that the worst post laser treatment problem is skin infections. The skin is obviously very exposed and tender, very susceptible to the slightest germ. Infections can be pussy, smelly, unsightly and difficult to clear.

Please take a look at Civant Skin Care Meladerm as a consideration. You can get a month free, so you have nothing to lose.

>>>>Find out about Civant Skin Care Meladerm For Acne

Acne Laser Treatment

More Acne Scar Laser Treatment tips

If you are considering getting laser treatment for acne, you need to assess whether the benefits will outway the cost to you, financially and health wise. Remember that you are likely to be ‘out of action’ for the first few weeks post laser surgery.

Ask friends and family whether they would mind caring for you in the first few weeks after treatment. It will be difficult for you to eat, dress, and move about due to stress on the face muscles. Simple tasks may be painful, so make sure that you have the right support.

It will probably be wise to book at least 2 weeks off work for your laser treatment for acne scars. Also, prepare your children if you have any for the post op care that needs to be taken.

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Skin Acne Treatments
This type of treatment categorized in different types. Carbon dioxide lasers, non-ablative lasers, and erbium. 

Acne Scars Treatment
OfficialWire (press release) … laser acne scar removal, acne laser treatment , pigmentation improvements, vein treatment , and hair removal treatments .

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Best Acne Skin Care Review

Clearogen Acne KitIf you are looking to find the best acne product for your daily skin regime, then I should be able to help. I will, if I may, suggest a product or two that will help you fight the cause of acne. In a hurry? Here are the links to the Acne Scar Treatment Review teams star buys, in no particular order:

>>>>Learn more about Clearogen Kit For Acne ( 1 Clarifying Toner &#43 1 Acne Lotion &#43 1 Foaming Cleanser) (US)

>>>>Find out about Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap here (US)

>>>>Learn more about pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser here (US and Canada)

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer (US)

>>>>Learn more about Natural Ayurdevic Soaps (International, including UK)

>>>>See Power Acne Fighter! Elicina Cream (international, including UK)

We love all of these products for different reasons. Firstly, our number one favourite is the Clearogen Kit For Acne. This is not the cheapest acne skincare kit around, but the quality matches no other product available on the market right now. The Clearogen Kit For Acne comes in at $69, but that gets you a cleanser, toner and a lotion that can be used on the face and neck.

We love this product plainly because it actually works! Rather than so called acne products that dries your spots out, and the rest of your skin as well, this one has been developed to fight the effects of the oil glands that are overproducing and causing acne.

The acne skin care products in this kit are recommended by doctors and have glowing patient reviews. Whilst no acne skin care product is perfect, this one comes close.

But don’t just take our words for it. Here is just one of a list of great reviews that we found on Clearogen:

"When nothing else did, this worked for me. I have adult acne that is hormonally caused. I was very skeptical, but I bought and used the package as recommended by the dermatologist. I used all three products as directed.

In the past, I’ve tried EVERYTHING from Retina to Tazorac to Differin, antibiotics, Cleocin, benzoyl peroxide. Accutane did make a difference, but didn’t get rid of it completely forever. After the first few years the acne returned, but not as bad as before.

I did not have much hope for this stuff, but it has surprised me. It is amazing stuff if it could fix my problem. I am VERY impressed.

I am taking things that are even making my hormone problem worse (Hormone replacement therapy, DHEA, testosterone, etc.) Normally, my monthly cycle plus these supplements definitely would cause my skin to go berzerk, but this stuff is good enough to overcome even that."
Kalyson, USA

It smells great too, with its rosemary, lavender and aloe vera extracts.

If you are looking for the best acne products for your body, then look no further than the Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap (US) or Natural Ayurdevic Soaps (UK).

The Mario Badescu soap is a beautiful rich product that smell gorgeous and zesty. It has Ginseng Extract in it that promotes natural skin healing, as well as oat protein that soothes and cools the skin. It’s an excellent choice for problem skin on the back, chest and shoulders.

The Natural Ayurdevic Soaps are completely natural, working to bring balance to the skin. It made my testing panels skin feel brilliant after the first use. It’s also really inexpensive, at £5.69, so it wont break the bank.

If it is an acne cream or lotion that you are looking for, our best find was the Power Acne Fighter! Elicina Cream.

This one is super for reducing scar marks and controls adult acne and teen acne alike. It has an unusual ingredient – Helix Aspersa Muller secretion (from a Chilean snail), and it really works! My team member really saw and felt the benefits of this cream after 4 days. It’s all natural, so no nasty chemically enhanced ingredients that can actually damage your skin.

>>>>Learn more about Clearogen Kit For Acne ( 1 Clarifying Toner &#43 1 Acne Lotion &#43 1 Foaming Cleanser) (US)

>>>>Find out about Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap here (US)

>>>>Learn more about pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser here (US and Canada)

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer (US)

>>>>Learn more about Natural Ayurdevic Soaps (International, including UK)

>>>>See Power Acne Fighter! Elicina Cream (international, including UK)

Healthy Skin Care

More Best Acne Product Tips

When you are looking for acne products it is a good idea to make sure that all the ingredients are naturally sourced, either from plant extracts or vegetable.

Cheaper products are normally full of animal byproducts. Ingredients that you should be wary of are Allantoin that is synthetically created, glycerin that is non vegetable, stearic acid that is non vegetable.

Always check out the packaging. Often you will be charged extra for fancy packaging that is not necessary. In some cases, you can find the same product for half the price, just by choosing plainer packaging.

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Choosing the Best Product for Curing Acne Disorder
Do you know that there are thousands of acne products which are manufactured for commercial purposes only and without any effectiveness?

Get Rid Of Acne-Holistic Acne
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Green Tea Acne Cream Review

Clearogen 3 in 1 Kit For AcneIf you are looking for a green tea acne cream then you have come to the right place. It is paramount that you choose the right acne skincare product for acne prone skin. With this in mind, the Acne Scar Treatment Review team reviewed a bunch of products and came up with a few winners. If you are in a hurry, here are the links to our favourite:

>>>>Learn more about Green Tea Facial Cleaser by Nyraju Skincare (International shipping)

>>>>See more on Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit (US and Canada)

>>>>Find out more about Claree Green Tea Moisturising Face Cream (UK) 

These three products are all equally great. It was hard to find these green tea for acne products as they are few and far between. Most acne products state that it is an acne cream with green tea. What this really means is that the green tea ingredient is marginal, so you won’t get the health benefits that you are looking for.

So, to be blunt, these three products aren’t cheap, but the green tea extracts in them are sizable. The Green Tea Facial Cleaser by Nyraju Skincare is full of green tea antioxidants that will protect your skin and promote natural skin repair. It also has aloe vera leaf juice in it to sooth skin and protect against sun and weather damage. It will also firm up skin and reduce discolouration.

The Cleanser by Nyraju is great for anyone who is looking for an all natural green tea moisturiser. It is however made especially for darker skin, brown or black, to create a flawless effect that really hides blemishes and breakouts.

This product is a favourite of mine because it is all natural, and the price is competitive at $12.00 plus postage which is only $4.99. Be mindful that the product quantity is a little on the small side, so you may want to order more than one.

The best green tea and acne product that is available in the US and Canada is the Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit. Admittedly, this one is the most costly at $69.

Ouch! your thinking? Well, we sourced this beauty at Amazon, and it is $31 cheaper there than with other companies, so we like Amazon! Let me explain why we think it’s worth it;

The kit includes three products for your complete acne skin care regime; there’s a toner, a lotion and a firming cleanser. So when you break it down, this is actually value for money and the products will last a long time. The Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit has potent botanical extracts, including aloe vera, rosemary, lavender and of course lots of green tea extract. We love the sweet fragrance of these products. They are perfect for acne prone skin, or for people with Excema.

Lastly, there’s the Claree Green Tea Moisturising Face Cream available in the UK. This cream is highly concentrated with green tea, aloe vera and olive leaf extract, so is perfect if you have tired skin that is often battered by the elements. We love it because it works on ‘plumping’ the skin to give an even appearance.

This beautiful cream has a refreshing zesty fragrance, and the beauty is that you only need apply once a day on new breakouts or troublesome skin, and the cream with cleanse and protect your skin all day. This is a real money saver in the long run as little of this cream goes a long way. 

>>>>Learn more about Green Tea Facial Cleaser by Nyraju Skincare (International shipping)

>>>>See more on Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit (US and Canada)

>>>>Find out more about Claree Green Tea Moisturising Face Cream (UK)

Doctor Khadavi on Tyra Banks Show Discussing Clearogen

More Green Tea Acne Cream Tips

There are many homemade recipes for green tea face creams. Some people like to mix green tea leaves into oils and creams to make homemade potions. Whilst this probably cools and soothes the skin if kept cold, there is no scientific evidence that puting green tea leaves in this form on to the skin really makes a difference to acne breakouts.

Some people say that drinking green tea everyday helps to improve the appearance of skin. I have to agree that this probably does help to a degree and green tea is a healthy option over tea with milk or other dairy based drinks. If you are like me though, the thought of drinking green tea instead of a nice cup of ‘builders tea’ doesn’t really appeal. That’s why we wanted to find you the best green tea acne treatment to help you make the right choice for your skincare needs.

From the Acne Green Tea Blogs

Simple Green Tea Acne Treatment
Green tea can serve many purposes, and is recommended for several reasons. It acts as an anti-bacterial substance, decreasing hormonal activity. Since acne is often caused by hormones, which produce excess oil and clog pores.

Homemade acne remover
This unique fragrance-free toner combines 2% salicylic acid found in many acne treatments with tea tree oil, green tea extract, willow bark extract and other ingredients to not only reduce clogged pores and control break outs.

Green Tea Acne Home Remedies
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About Acne What Can You Do to Cure or Alleviate Acne?
Tea tree oil or Echinacea extract. 4. Use of gels and creams to treat acne and protect your skin. After the rinsing, you should apply some treatment gel, cream or lotion onto your skin to achieve these effects.

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Best Acne Creams Review

Acne creamsIf you are looking for acne treatment creams to sooth your tired skin then I should be able to help. I will, if I may, suggest a natural acne cream or two that should suit your needs:

>>>>Learn more about Carley’s Clear And Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer (all natural acne cream) (US) 

>>>>Find out more about Power Acne Fighter Elicina Cream (UK) 

The UK acne facial cream is super. I have tried it myself on unsightly scars that I had on my neck from spots that didn’t heal over properly. It really helped to reduce skin irritation and itchiness, as well as leaving my skin smooth and clearer.

Whilst the Elicina Creams boastfullness of being a ‘miracle cream’ is not really true, I mean, what product is?, it is definitely worth the money.

Whilst some so called acne creams are dirt cheap at under £10, they are usually filled with awful animal byproducts that aren’t on the lable, or are disguised in long names. People buy these acne scar creams everyday, and to be brutally honest, they are filled with congealed pig fat and worse. I don’t mean to shock you, you just have a right to know.

On the other end of the scale, you have expensive creams that are branded and will cost you an arm and a leg, and you will literally just pay for the name and the packaging. I’m not going to slag any brands off here, but if you shop in department stores you will know that brands I mean.

That is why we are so pleased with Power Acne Fighter Elicina Cream. It comes in at £15 so that matches our price criteria. It is full of natural fruit extracts and nut oils, with no animal derivatives.

The Elicina cream also contains natural allantion which promotes the regeneration of skin so that you skin can heal iteself. The natural glycolic acid (basically the fruit ingredients) will gently exfoliate your skin and help your skin to shed its dead skin cells that are a breeding ground for bacteria.

At the moment it is 50% off, so do take a look.

Then there is the US market. If found that Carley’s Clear and Smooth Exotic butter moisturizer was the best one.

It’s not too expensive at $15 for a 4oz tub. This sounds small, but this product is so rich that you really only need to use a little bit a day.

It is full of natural ingredients, namely the exotic fruit oils, mango butter and nut oils. Because the ingredients are sourced in exotic locations, you do pay for the quality. It’s worth it though.

I am sure that you have heard countless times that ‘you are what you eat’. Well, the ingredients in the acne scar cream are good enough to eat. The cream is actually made fresh on an order basis, so you can guarantee quality and your skin will smell great.

The fact that this anti acne cream has mango butter in it might make it sound greasy, but it really isn’t. Carley’s only use absorbing oils and butters, so it blends into the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

The Acne Scar Treatment team really loves the fragrance of this topical acne cream. We hope you take a look and get a sample for yourself to try. Here’s the link:

>>>>Learn more about Carley’s Clear And Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer (all natural acne cream) (US) 

>>>>Find out more about Power Acne Fighter Elicina Cream (UK) 

Natural  Acne Creams

More Creams For Acne Tips

Your skin regime will be very important to you. It is important that your skin ritual becomes a part of your daily routine, and of course it would be better if you really enjoyed cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

That’s why I really want to help you to get the most for your money. Here are a few tips to help whilst you are shopping for the best acne cream.

Firstly, make sure that you know exactly what ingredients are in the product. Look out for terms like stearates, stearic acid and glycerin. If they don’t state that they are vegetable based then they will be junky animal byproducts.

Secondly, take a close look at the packaging and branding. Sometimes you can get exactly the same cream in a plain non branded tub that will be just as good as products that have packaging with all the bells and whistles.

Lastly, try to get a product with free delivery. These items don’t weigh much unless you are buying in bulk, and so should just be send first class to you.

Acne Cream Review Blogs

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Acne Rosacea Treatments Review

Finally, an acne rosacea treatment that really works!

Rosacea Acne SolutiosnAcne Rosacea is a facial rash that affects adult men and women. It is also known as acne rosacea, but is unrelated to acne. If acne rosacea is treated in the same way as acne, this can cause serious complications, and can exacerbate the acne rosacea problems. The causes of acne rosacea are unknown, and it can be extremely difficult to treat. Acne Rosacea can lead to acne scarring problems if it is not treated in time.

If you are looking for acne rosacea treatments, then you are in the right place. We have thoroughly researched the different rosacea treatment options available online and in the shops, and we have come up with a favourite acne rosacea cream; ‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’.

Here’s a link to cheapest ‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’ that we could find:

>>>>More about Skin Doctors Capillary Clear (UK) just enter ‘capillary’ in search bar

>>>>Find out more about Skin Doctors Capillary Clear (US)

We have chosen ‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’ as our winner due to many factors. Firstly, it works. This may sound silly, but so many products have great reviews and little else as they often don’t make a difference, leaving you feeling disappointed and out of pocket. Unfortunately, to date, there is no known acne rosacea cure. However, with this product, you can dramatically reduce the appearance of redness, spots and inflammation on the skin.

‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’ claims to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries by 25% in as little as 4 weeks. If you continue to use it, things can only improve from there. The innovative cream has been developed by top cosmetic surgeons, so you can be assured of the highest quality. Ok, it’s not a miracle cure that works overnight, but the fact that you are on this website means that you have been looking for acne rosacea treatments for a long time, so you can go a little bit further to get the great clear skin results that you want.

I also just want to mention the price of ‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’. We were really pleased to find the cheapest ‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’ at £19.50 for 50ml (and for less in the US). This 50ml tub should last you for a good few months. I know it’s not super cheap, but don’t let that put you off. You’d spend more than that on a gift for a loved one wouldn’t you? So don’t cheat yourself. You deserve this gift to yourself.

If you are wondering whether you have acne rosacea, you will need to look out for these symptoms: inflamed skin, affecting the cheeks, forehead, nose, eyelids, and rarely on the chest. The spots or blemished can either be puss filled cysts, or the bulging of capillary blood vessels under the skin.

If you have been affected by acne rosacea skin, I am sure that you don’t need me to tell you how painful it is and how it can affect your self esteem. You will just want to find the best acne rosacea cure that actually works and gives you fast results.

The best way to treat acne rosacea is to correct the imbalance in the skin. This means restoring zinc levels in the skin that will have depleted, and increasing mineral and hydration levels. ‘Skin Doctors Capillary Clear’ will do all of this for you.

There are some extra things that you can do yourself at home to improve the appearance of acne rosacea.

>>>>More about Skin Doctors Capillary Clear (UK) just enter ‘capillary’ in search bar

>>>>Find out more about Skin Doctors Capillary Clear (US)

Acne Rosacea Treatment

More Acne Rosacea Treatment Tips

To improve the appearance of skin, simply drink more water! If you can do it, you should drink 8 glasses per day to keep acne skin as clear as possible and to calm the metabolic rate down. The use of stimulant such as caffeine and alcohol should be cut down gradually, with a view to being eliminated all together.

Also, remember to avoid spending too much time out in the sun without proper sun protection. It is best to only be in the sun for up to one hour at a time. Keep bath and shower water luke warm rather than too hot or too cool, and never use abrasive soaps or cleansers as this will exacerbate the problem.

Acne Rosacea Blogs

Acne Rosacea
Acne Rosacea – Should You Be Concerned About This Skin Condition?   

Acne Rosacea – An Introduction
Both a skin and eye disorder, acne rosacea is a type of acne characterized by the appearance of pustules and vascular manifestations on the affected tissues. 

The Details about Acne Rosacea Treatment
Case in point, rosacea (also known as acne rosacea) is not the same type of skin condition as acne and, as such, the common acne rosacea treatment is somewhat different from the treatments that are associated with acne. 

Teenage Acne Treatment
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Best Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

If you are looking for the best acne moisturiser on the market, then this will be the most important article that you will read this year. Do you want to get young looking acne free skin all year round? We have found the best product for you.

With so many acne moisturiser options for you to choose from, the Acne Scar Treatment Review team sampled and tested 10 leading acne moisturisers. There was one that led the pack; here’s our winning moisturizer for acne prone skin:

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer

Despite the name of this product having ‘butter’ in it, we found it to be a non-greasy product. The Exotic Butter Moisturizer only uses absorbing oils and butters, not mineral oils that leave your skin feeling oily. In fact, the reference to butter comes purely from its active healing ingredients of Mango Butter and Shea Butter.

The Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer is packed with lots more exotic ingredients, and you know exactly what you are putting on your acne prone skin as the ingredients are listed in full without using confusing language or made up terms that other products put on their packaging.

Yes you heard that right. Plenty of acne moisturiser products claim to have lots of fancy ingredients, which are in fact false and mean absolutely nothing.

Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer is unique as it does not contain any animal ingredients. This is something that we really wanted to emphasise. Plenty of people have bought and used acne moisturisers that contain animal ingredients which are dreadful. That’s right, you may be putting animal fat on your skin!

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer

The fact is that the uses of animal ingredients are a cheaper way to create a smooth and creamy moisturizer. The more costly option, but by far the better and kinder to your skin, is to use fruit and vegetable extracts. That is exactly what Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer does. No hidden extras, just an all natural way to control and prevent acne breakouts.

Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer works differently to other moisturizer for acne products. The fruit extracts help the moisturizer to be absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue on the skins surface.

The Kukui Nut Oil works as a great skin onditioner after your skin has been exposed to the sun or harsh weather. It is great if you like to spend time outdoors. It’s excellent for chapped skin and will help to prevent acne scarring and scar tissue forming.

Another key ingredient in Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer is the Apricot Kernel Oil. This is particularly good for dehydrated, dry, mature or sensitive skin.

All in all we really rate this product. It’s a great way to finish off a skin care routine, and is suitable for everyday use. If you are also interested in finding a good acne facial cleanser to use as part of your daily skin care routine, please click on the link below to read our review.

>>>>Read more about PHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser here 

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer

Acne Moisturizer Review

Acne Skin Moisturizer tips

It is really hard to choose the right kind of acne moisturiser as you never know how your skin will react to a new product. However, your skin can really benefit from the right acne moisturizers. Some properties in acne moisturisers, such as shea butter, have healing capabilites and can help you to get rid of acne for good.

The best place to start is to always go for a product that only has natural acne treatment ingredients in it. I would particularly recommend that you go for a product where you know that all of the ingredients are edible!

Always make sure that the ingredients have been preserved from thier natural state rather than tinkered with, i.e. heat treated.

Try to find a reputable company with a contact number or email address available for if you have any questions. This shows a willingness on the sellers part to answer any of your questions.

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Treating Back Acne

Looking to cure back acne? You have come to the right place. The team at Acne Scar Treatment have researched the mark to find the best back acne solution for you. If you are in a hurry, here are our combined winners hands down:

>>>>Learn more about Mario Badescu Aha Botanical Body Soap here

>>>> Learn more about Mario Badescu Special Cleansing Lotion “0” here

These products are designed specifically for back and chest acne. Acne Scar Treatment loves Mario Badescu back acne treatment products as bacne needs to be treated differently to facial and other body acne. The Acne Scar Treatment team reviewed other body acne products such as acne body lotions and washes from Menscience Androceuticals, but found that these treatments just didn’t cut the mustard as they were too general and weren’t nearly as effective.

There are lots of great Mario Badescu testimonials from happy customers. Here’s just one:
“…since I started using MB products about a year ago, my skin has never been so zit-free! Also, all my skin is significantly less congested and is radiant. I get compliments on how I “glow” from many friends, many of whom are now MB customers thanks to me! Thank you Mario Badescu for giving me the skin I’ve always wished to have!!!!”

The Aha Botanical Body Soap is an affordable product that should be used as a replacement for conventional soaps. It is an all natural product full of fruit extracts that gently exfoliates and cleanses the back and chest area. Aha Botanical Body Soap sloughs away dead skin cells to get rid of impurities, leaving your skin smooth and your acne gently treated. We found the grapefruit and papaya extract to be a key ingredient in minimising acne breakouts and healing spots. Aha Botanical Body Soap also has Ginseng to rehydrate the skin, and Oat Protein to sooth and reduce inflammation of the skin.

Aha Botanical Body Soap smells great too!

We also thoroughly recommend Mario Badescu Special Cleansing Lotion “0”. This acne lotion should be used after washing with Aha Botanical Body Soap.

Special Cleansing Lotion “0” has stronger astringents to close up those pores than acne facial products, so it should only be used on the back and chest. Special Cleansing Lotion “0” contains cucumber extract and alcohol. The alcohol helps to dry up spots and oily skin, whilst the cucumber soothes the skin and helps to prevent future breakouts with its disinfectant capability.

We love Special Cleansing Lotion “0” as it is a great to complete a skin care routine, sealing up open pores and leaving a protective disinfectant barrier on the skin.

Mario Beadescu products are suitable for treating cystic back acne as well as more moderate cases.

Back acne can be caused by stress and hormones. It can also occur due to the clothing we wear and the sweat that our bodies produce in everyday life. To complement your skin care routine, you should take care to wear lose cotton clothing, and to wash thoroughly after exercising as the sweat build up on your body and clothes will always make back acne worse.

>>>>Learn more about Mario Badescu Aha Botanical Body Soap here

>>>> Learn more about Mario Badescu Special Cleansing Lotion “0” here

Adult Back Acne

More Back Acne Treatment Tips

Back and chest skin has thousands of sebaceous glands that produce oil and can lead to clogged pores. If you are a particularly active male or female, you will be more prone to back acne due to perspiration. If you like to wear tight fitting clothing, this will also contribute to the risk of back acne.

The best way to treat back acne is to maintain a daily skin care routine. You should also avoid using harsh exfoliants on acne breakouts as this will irritate the skin and spread bacteria.

Help prevent new acne breakouts by showering soon after a workout or physical exercise.

Back Acne Solutions Sites and Resources

Acne Problems Cure Back Acne
There are different ways to cure back acne. Whether you are a teen or an adult grappling with this problem, this article is written to show you what you can do. 

Natural Remedies for Back Acne
One of the natural remedies for back acne and other acne manifestations is prepared in the following manner: Shredded fresh horseradish is put into a bottle and apple cider vinegar is poured over it until the horseradish is well-covered […]   

Tips to Treat Back Acne
Back acne or bacne is not as visible as face acne but it can be just as overwhelming in intimate situations and can be physically uncomfortable. 

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Acne Skin Cleanser| Choose The Best Acne Facial Cleanser

pHisoderm Skincare RangeIf you are a looking for the best acne cleanser then you’ve come to the right place. Acne Scar Treatment have done extensive research to find you the best no fuss acne facial cleansers. If you have little time, these are our first choices:

>>>>Find out more about Harley Street Cosmetic Healing Calendula Cleanser UK

>>>>Learn more about pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser here (Canada and US

Whether you live in the UK or elsewhere, you will have heard of Londons Harley Street, the famous street known for the countries leading medical professionals residing there. Among them are of course plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other skincare specialists.

Most of cannot afford the luxury of visiting a private doctor, so I am so pleased to find this exclusive Harley Street acne skincare product. The Cosmetic Healing Calendula Cleanser is all natural despite the word ‘cosmetic’ in the product name. Calendula is a wonderful herb that is used in medicine for all sorts of ails. 

Calendula is a bit of a wonder herb that is lesser known in the wider skincare market. I just wanted to share with you about the amazing healing properties in Calendula so that you too can reap the benefits of this fab cleanser that is a little ‘under wraps’.

Please do take a look at this gel. It is so much better and more gentle than anything that you might find in the local shops. Most shop bought cleansers are full of chemicals to preserve the ‘shelf life’ of the product. The Cosmetic Healing Calendula Cleanser is made with fresh ingredients to order, so you will have no concerns about harming your skin with harsh preservatives.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is just one of a ton of reports that I sourced about the Calendula cleanser:

"My skin has patterns of its own. I’m prone to clogging up with ‘normal’ creams. This gel is light to use and have made a difference to the complexion and smoothness of my skin. A little goes along way and it very light under make up"
Tara from Oxfordshire

The pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser is a ‘hard to find’ acne cleanser that is not available in shops. I was so excited to find this great product that I just had to share my finding with you.

pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser works on acne prone skin in three ways.  It unclogs your pores, kills bacteria and soothes and hydrates tired acne affected skin. It’s the best acne facial cleanser on the market to date. You simply have to use it twice daily as part of your acne skin care routine, sit back and wait for the results.

You may have heard of another pHisoderm product ‘pHisoderm 4 way daily acne cleanser’. Whilst ‘phisoderm 4 way daily acne cleanser’ was the leading acne vulgaris treatment several months ago, it is not as readily available now as the new product PHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser has superseded it.

pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser is effective on a wide range of acne types, including cystic acne. We found it to be suitable for teenagers and adults suffering with acne breakouts.

pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser claims to heal and prevent acne without drying out the skin, helps to reduce oiliness and redness of the skin, and leaves skin feeling and looking rejuvenated. We tested these claims over a 6 week period on a few volunteers from the Acne Scar Treatment team, with surprisingly great results.

Whilst no facial cleanser for acne offers an instant fix, pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser really works if you use it twice daily for a couple of months. The positive changes in acne prone skin happen in as little as 2 weeks, with the skin improving daily from then on. pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser is easily affordable, and it is well worth spending a couple of extra bucks a month to get rid of acne and have that beautiful skin that you’ve been dreaming about.

We found lots of glowing reports on pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser. Here’s just one:

“I noticed a difference in my son’s skin condition OVERNIGHT! I honestly was amazed…the redness had decreased DRASTICALLY and the pimples seemed to shrink…like magic!

My curiosity got the best of me…so I decided to try it out for myself! The first thing I noticed was its pleasant scent….it sort of resembles Herbal Essence…very light..very fresh. None of that medicinal smell…some cleansers have. It’s consistency is a thin gel-like substance. Ok…I’m massaging and it’s not stinging!! Very pleasant surprise since most cleanser sting my face! I wait a minute or two (very important part of using phisoderm…you MUST leave it on a for a minute to let it work) and rinse my face with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel!

My face felt fabulous, smooth, clean and fresh! No tightness or dry feeling…just clean skin!”
Gina from ‘Epinions’

The best part about pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser is that it is truly gentle to your skin. Whilst ordinary or over the counter acne products can cause your skin to react with burning, stinging, rashes or itching like mine did, pHisoderm products are alcohol free and hypo-allergenic to treat acne skin without nasty flare-ups.

We thoroughly recommend this product to you. For just $8 a pop, you can’t go far wrong. Here’s the link again for you to go and take a look.

>>>>Find out more about Harley Street Cosmetic Healing Calendula Cleanser UK

>>>>Learn more about pHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser here (Canada and US)

Facial Cleanser for Acne

Additional Acne Cleanser Tactics

Facial cleansers with an anti-inflammatory action are usually a great place to start when trying an acne skin cleanser for the first time. You will need to find a facial cleanser for acne that is both gentle and effective at washing away impurities and dirt present on the skin.

Good acne facial cleansers will clean deep into the middle layers of the skin where acne starts, whilst leaving the skin hydrated and smooth.

It is always advised to start with a tried and tested product that has great reviews. Specialist acne cleansers are better than shop bought or over the counter cleansers for normal skin as these may give you unwanted side effects like inflammation, dry skin and rashes.

More Acne Skin Cleanser Sites and Resources

Acne Prevention is Key
Some products that can contain these include ingredients include acne cleanser, toners, as well as shampoo and toothpaste. Avoid using scrubs that contain exfoliating beads, for both facial acne and acne on back. 

The Very Best Acne Remedies
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Best acne cleanser for body acne
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