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If you have severe acne with regular breakouts and large cysts or spots, then you may consider an acne peel or acne scar peel as an option to cure acne.

At Acne Scar Treatment we do not endorse acne peels for several reasons. If you are considering an acne peel, then this will be the most important article that you will ever read.

The Acne Scar Treatment have thoroughly researched a range of products that claim to cure acne, from surgery to peels to lotions to books and programs. If you are in hurry, here s the link to our winner Acne No More , a great e-book that we truly believe in

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If you want to find a permanent cure for acne, Acne No More is our number 1. The proof is in the results that you will see in just a few weeks.

Acne Chemical Peel Review

A buzz word on the acne chemical peel market at the moment is Glycolic acid. An acne Glycolic peel used Glycolic acid which is produced by natural fruit acids. This fruit acid is effective in reducing acne and acne scarring by encouraging the shedding of damaged skin cells.

However, having any chemical reaction happening on your skin is harsh, unnatural, and should be avoided if you can. As well as Alpha Hydroxyl acid (Glycolic acid) that is used a lot of facial treatments, some acne peel treatments also include citric and lactic.

Glycolic acid peels are considered to be the safest and the gentlest on the skin. For this reason, a Glycolic peel may only be effective on light to moderate acne. For a more severe case of acne, you will have to go for an even stronger and harsher chemical peel.

Glycolic acid peels work by loosening the skin so that it can be peeled or left to peel over a few days to reveal newer skin that has less or no acne spots. The treatment usually takes 15-20 minutes, and will need to be repeated every 2 weeks for a period to see lasting results.

Acne chemical peels are a viable option if you are in a hurry to get clear skin. Peels usually have quick results. Your post-peeled skin will have less acne spots and reduced acne scars, but the results are just temporary, with spots reappearing in as little as one week.

When Acne Scar Treatment reviewed acne peels, we were expecting them to be really expensive. Our expectations were right. A light peel will cost you around $200 – $300. Some treatments can however go up to $3000 or more. With the fact that peels are a regular requirement to keep the clear skin look, this will end up robbing you of a lot of cash.

So, if you want to chemical peel acne scars, you will get speedy results. The downside to acne peels is that they are expensive and they don t last forever! You will have to continue getting peels regularly, or you could use an at home peel. This is not recommended however as peels should really only be done by professionals.

If you are looking to find quick results for an important event like a date, a birthday, or a wedding, then an acne chemical peel is a fair option. Just be prepared to find a long term solution for your acne after you start your acne peel treatment.

Being mindful of this need for a longer term solution for acne, we recently reviewed the e-book Acne No More and found it to be a solid resource. Here s the link:

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The book reveals a holistic system for permanently curing acne, and it s totally natural. Acne No More has stood the test of time, and has countless glowing testimonials. Here is just one:

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The Acne Scar Treatment team have waded through some really bad eggs when it comes to books that claim to cure acne. That was until we found this. Some of the team tried and tested the strategies laid out in this book, as well as a group of volunteers who had mild to severe acne.

I have to say, the results were astonishing after just 4 weeks! We thoroughly recommend Acne No More as the best long term cure for acne.

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Additional acne chemical peel tips

Before a chemical peel starts, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Next the acid solution will be applied and left on for around 15 minutes. During this time the skin should be carefully monitored to make sure that there is no adverse reaction. The chemical will then be washed off and either cold compresses or mild lotion will be applied.

After the treatment you may experience some redness of the skin which should clear up in a few days. During the next few days the skin will peel as the top layer of dead cells sloughs off. You should always use a sunscreen after a chemical peel as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun which could result in irritation, redness or other side effects.

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