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ProactiveIf you are looking for Proactiv reviews, then I may be able to help. If you are in a hurry, here are the links to the best priced Proactiv products on the market at the moment:

>>>>Learn more about Proactiv 60 days delux treatment (UK and Europe)

>>>>Find out more about Proactiv 50% off 3 in 1 Kit (US and Canada)

Amazon sites were surprisingly then cheapest of the lot, probably because they deal with larger quantities of stock, and thankfully we all know that Amazon is reliable.

You may have seen Proactiv adverts splashed across day time TV. Whether you live in the Europe, US or Canada, you will have seen the reports of celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Jesicca Simpson and Ryan Sheckler who have battled with acne breakouts since teens and mid twenties. And apparantly, Proactiv really worked for her, and many others.

If you are like me, you might be cynical when it comes to advertising that involves celebrity endorsements. So the Acne Scar Treatment team decided to test a pack of Proactiv on our panel to see what all the fuss was about.

The Proactiv Solution Kit consists of a Renewing Cleanser, A Revitalising Toner and a Repairing Lotion.

After testing the products on 25 different people with problem skin ranging from acne, rosacea, blackheads and everyday breakouts, our findings were unanimous. Proactiv is a really solid product. The best part of the kit is the Repairing Lotion. It really does work wonders on calming down problem acne prone skin.

The secret formula in Proactiv is the gentle Salicylic Acid that gets to the source of the spots and helps to prevent blackheads and whiteheads from reforming.

At the moment the Proactiv Solution is 33% off the Kit in the UK and 50% off in the US, so it’s well worth taking a look.

There are many glowing reviews about Proactiv all over the Internet. Here’s just one of many customers who now swear by this acne skincare product:

“Before I found Proactiv my skin was red, itchy and really painful. When I would get up in the morning, I would have new zits and the old ones weren’t even gone yet. It hurt so much sometimes. I mean, it hurt to wash my face because it was just so sore. I was really upset about it because I couldn’t find anything to work. Since using Proactiv, my skin is awesome. It’s clear and it’s bright and I don’t have to wear make-up all the time if I don’t want to.”
Brenda Cavazos

Following is a great video that I found of a lady in the US who clearly has some moderate acne blemishes and scarring. She walks us through the first 15 days of trying out Proactive Solutions, and although the results are not miraculous, I think you will agree that they are pretty good. Her before and afters are pretty clear as to why she likes proactive.

>>>>Learn more about Proactiv 60 days delux treatment (UK and Europe)

>>>>Find out more about Proactiv 50% off 3 in 1 Kit (US and Canada)

More Proactiv Tips and tactics

If you are suffering with acne scars, acne rosacea, blackheads and other problem skin breakouts mild to moderately, then Proactiv will definitely help you. It is a world reknowned product that you can trust, rather than fake competitors who are just waiting to cash in.

If you have the opportunity and the time, try contacting the company to get a free sample for a week. That way you can try it out without commiting to parting with your hard earned cash. If you do decide to go ahead with this product, I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

Before you make your acne treatment purchase, consider whether you will have time in the day to commit to a daily skincare routine if you don’t already do so. You will need approximately 8 minutes in the morning and the same at night to look after your skin properly with Proactiv Kit. The results are worth it though.

From the Proactiv Blogs

Proactiv Solution India
Proactiv® Solution’s 3-step system has been designed to help unclog pores and attack bacteria that causes acne.

Buy Super Size Proactiv Solutions 3 Piece Kit.
Cheap Super Size Proactiv Solutions 3 Piece Kit, Kit contains: Discount Review Shop It ‘sa really great price for the giant Proactiv great.

Does Proactiv Acne Work
Live your life without worrying about your skin. Do you hate looking in the mirror because all you see is acne? You can have clear skin and be happy.

Proactiv Solution – Cheapest Prices
Proactiv® Solution Did you know that 1 in 4 adults between the ages of 25 and 44 have a problem with acne.

Ever So Marketed Proactiv, Meet Your Match
So here goes: Proactiv, what a perfect example to start with. This is one (if not the most infamous) of those over-marketed lines, that is a miracle for some and a nightmare for others.

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Green Tea Acne Cream Review

Clearogen 3 in 1 Kit For AcneIf you are looking for a green tea acne cream then you have come to the right place. It is paramount that you choose the right acne skincare product for acne prone skin. With this in mind, the Acne Scar Treatment Review team reviewed a bunch of products and came up with a few winners. If you are in a hurry, here are the links to our favourite:

>>>>Learn more about Green Tea Facial Cleaser by Nyraju Skincare (International shipping)

>>>>See more on Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit (US and Canada)

>>>>Find out more about Claree Green Tea Moisturising Face Cream (UK) 

These three products are all equally great. It was hard to find these green tea for acne products as they are few and far between. Most acne products state that it is an acne cream with green tea. What this really means is that the green tea ingredient is marginal, so you won’t get the health benefits that you are looking for.

So, to be blunt, these three products aren’t cheap, but the green tea extracts in them are sizable. The Green Tea Facial Cleaser by Nyraju Skincare is full of green tea antioxidants that will protect your skin and promote natural skin repair. It also has aloe vera leaf juice in it to sooth skin and protect against sun and weather damage. It will also firm up skin and reduce discolouration.

The Cleanser by Nyraju is great for anyone who is looking for an all natural green tea moisturiser. It is however made especially for darker skin, brown or black, to create a flawless effect that really hides blemishes and breakouts.

This product is a favourite of mine because it is all natural, and the price is competitive at $12.00 plus postage which is only $4.99. Be mindful that the product quantity is a little on the small side, so you may want to order more than one.

The best green tea and acne product that is available in the US and Canada is the Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit. Admittedly, this one is the most costly at $69.

Ouch! your thinking? Well, we sourced this beauty at Amazon, and it is $31 cheaper there than with other companies, so we like Amazon! Let me explain why we think it’s worth it;

The kit includes three products for your complete acne skin care regime; there’s a toner, a lotion and a firming cleanser. So when you break it down, this is actually value for money and the products will last a long time. The Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit has potent botanical extracts, including aloe vera, rosemary, lavender and of course lots of green tea extract. We love the sweet fragrance of these products. They are perfect for acne prone skin, or for people with Excema.

Lastly, there’s the Claree Green Tea Moisturising Face Cream available in the UK. This cream is highly concentrated with green tea, aloe vera and olive leaf extract, so is perfect if you have tired skin that is often battered by the elements. We love it because it works on ‘plumping’ the skin to give an even appearance.

This beautiful cream has a refreshing zesty fragrance, and the beauty is that you only need apply once a day on new breakouts or troublesome skin, and the cream with cleanse and protect your skin all day. This is a real money saver in the long run as little of this cream goes a long way. 

>>>>Learn more about Green Tea Facial Cleaser by Nyraju Skincare (International shipping)

>>>>See more on Green Tea Clearogen Acne Kit (US and Canada)

>>>>Find out more about Claree Green Tea Moisturising Face Cream (UK)

Doctor Khadavi on Tyra Banks Show Discussing Clearogen

More Green Tea Acne Cream Tips

There are many homemade recipes for green tea face creams. Some people like to mix green tea leaves into oils and creams to make homemade potions. Whilst this probably cools and soothes the skin if kept cold, there is no scientific evidence that puting green tea leaves in this form on to the skin really makes a difference to acne breakouts.

Some people say that drinking green tea everyday helps to improve the appearance of skin. I have to agree that this probably does help to a degree and green tea is a healthy option over tea with milk or other dairy based drinks. If you are like me though, the thought of drinking green tea instead of a nice cup of ‘builders tea’ doesn’t really appeal. That’s why we wanted to find you the best green tea acne treatment to help you make the right choice for your skincare needs.

From the Acne Green Tea Blogs

Simple Green Tea Acne Treatment
Green tea can serve many purposes, and is recommended for several reasons. It acts as an anti-bacterial substance, decreasing hormonal activity. Since acne is often caused by hormones, which produce excess oil and clog pores.

Homemade acne remover
This unique fragrance-free toner combines 2% salicylic acid found in many acne treatments with tea tree oil, green tea extract, willow bark extract and other ingredients to not only reduce clogged pores and control break outs.

Green Tea Acne Home Remedies
I know green tea is good for your skin, but are there any home-made acne treatments you can make with green tea?

About Acne What Can You Do to Cure or Alleviate Acne?
Tea tree oil or Echinacea extract. 4. Use of gels and creams to treat acne and protect your skin. After the rinsing, you should apply some treatment gel, cream or lotion onto your skin to achieve these effects.

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