Best Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

If you are looking for the best acne moisturiser on the market, then this will be the most important article that you will read this year. Do you want to get young looking acne free skin all year round? We have found the best product for you.

With so many acne moisturiser options for you to choose from, the Acne Scar Treatment Review team sampled and tested 10 leading acne moisturisers. There was one that led the pack; here’s our winning moisturizer for acne prone skin:

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer

Despite the name of this product having ‘butter’ in it, we found it to be a non-greasy product. The Exotic Butter Moisturizer only uses absorbing oils and butters, not mineral oils that leave your skin feeling oily. In fact, the reference to butter comes purely from its active healing ingredients of Mango Butter and Shea Butter.

The Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer is packed with lots more exotic ingredients, and you know exactly what you are putting on your acne prone skin as the ingredients are listed in full without using confusing language or made up terms that other products put on their packaging.

Yes you heard that right. Plenty of acne moisturiser products claim to have lots of fancy ingredients, which are in fact false and mean absolutely nothing.

Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer is unique as it does not contain any animal ingredients. This is something that we really wanted to emphasise. Plenty of people have bought and used acne moisturisers that contain animal ingredients which are dreadful. That’s right, you may be putting animal fat on your skin!

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer

The fact is that the uses of animal ingredients are a cheaper way to create a smooth and creamy moisturizer. The more costly option, but by far the better and kinder to your skin, is to use fruit and vegetable extracts. That is exactly what Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer does. No hidden extras, just an all natural way to control and prevent acne breakouts.

Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer works differently to other moisturizer for acne products. The fruit extracts help the moisturizer to be absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue on the skins surface.

The Kukui Nut Oil works as a great skin onditioner after your skin has been exposed to the sun or harsh weather. It is great if you like to spend time outdoors. It’s excellent for chapped skin and will help to prevent acne scarring and scar tissue forming.

Another key ingredient in Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer is the Apricot Kernel Oil. This is particularly good for dehydrated, dry, mature or sensitive skin.

All in all we really rate this product. It’s a great way to finish off a skin care routine, and is suitable for everyday use. If you are also interested in finding a good acne facial cleanser to use as part of your daily skin care routine, please click on the link below to read our review.

>>>>Read more about PHisoderm Acne Prone Skin Cleanser here 

>>>>Find out about Clear & Smooth Exotic Butter Moisturizer

Acne Moisturizer Review

Acne Skin Moisturizer tips

It is really hard to choose the right kind of acne moisturiser as you never know how your skin will react to a new product. However, your skin can really benefit from the right acne moisturizers. Some properties in acne moisturisers, such as shea butter, have healing capabilites and can help you to get rid of acne for good.

The best place to start is to always go for a product that only has natural acne treatment ingredients in it. I would particularly recommend that you go for a product where you know that all of the ingredients are edible!

Always make sure that the ingredients have been preserved from thier natural state rather than tinkered with, i.e. heat treated.

Try to find a reputable company with a contact number or email address available for if you have any questions. This shows a willingness on the sellers part to answer any of your questions.

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  3. I have had acne since I used to be a teenager. I’m at the present in my thirties and what has appeared to work out best for me is apple cider vinegar contained in spray bottle, mixed with equal amounts of h20. This and coconut oil applied to my face.

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  5. The actual utilization associated with natural neuropeptide products in skin care has advanced greatly mainly because our understanding of them has increased. Some peptides have already been employed for many years for example, copper peptide was initially applied in the early Seventies to assist in the treating of wounds. Only a short while ago have neuropeptide solutions become understood as skin care treatments. I advise you read a whole lot more on the matter before diving into expensive skin creams. Additional Reading:best anti wrinkle creams

  6. Thanks for sharing! it is good to encourage people to comment, not just reading. The only reason I writing blog rather than diary is because of the feedback.

  7. There are so many who just really try and test what you think might work for you. the skin of each is different and will react to different products in different ways. I like to stick to natural products, but I have many friends with great skin, which only go to the local pharmacy and buy things there. Unfortunately, I could not help

  8. Depending on the desired results, you will find numerous types of lasers to choose from. Dermatologists perform acne laser treatments in their offices. Some patients may require subsequent treatments. Listed below are some examples of the types of treatments.

  9. First of all, you need to start wearing a shirt when lifting weights. Try to cover up the body as much as feasible with clean clothing. The reason is that if the body is exposed to the equipment or has excess friction mixed with sweat causes acne problems.

  10. Shielding your face in the sun is essential for many factors. Not just can it help prevent cancer, but it can also keep moisture in your epidermis rather than drying it out. Some individuals find that tanning seems to clear up pimples, but that’s mainly because the sun’s rays dry out your complexion. You may think this is the cure to excessive oil, but unfortunately it is only a temporary effect because your skin’s cells will try to make up for the dryness by becoming oily once again.

  11. Pimple is caused by bacteria or the oils trapped within the skin pores. As anyone could be hit with acne attack, it’s better to prepare for the worst. The best you can do is to apply an acne treatment system that really works. The following are tips and insights to jump-start your acne treatment system to a strong beginning.

  12. This article is of great help for me to determine the viable product.

  13. First of all, you need to start wearing a shirt when lifting weights. Try to cover up the body as much as feasible with clean clothing. The reason is that if the body is exposed to the equipment or has excess friction mixed with sweat causes acne problems.

  14. I believe it is quite important to detox a few times thru the year, not just for your insides but outsides as well. It’s startling what a thourough cleansing can do for the skin!

  15. Hey, brilliant website, I have personal experience with scars and it is great to see people discussing the best ways to minimise their effects on your life.

  16. Shea Butter is also good on your skin. We use it a lot for treating dry skin or scars.

  17. I am a 15 year old high school student, I have had acne since the 6th grade when I was 12. It used to not be that bad, and it would come and go. Then I started getting it on my back pretty bad in 7th and 8th grade. Thats when I went to a dermatologist. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to help me so I just gave up. Then a miracle happend and getting a lot of sun and using an over the counter acne medication it almost entirely went away the summer going into my 9th grade year.

  18. my skin is very acne prone/oily. I have used multiple moisturizers but none were ever good for me, they either didnt moisturize well or broke me out. My dermatologist recommended the Shielo Complexion Moisturizer, which is from their Anti-Aging Collection, and I must say – it is the best!

    I have been using it for almost 2 months now and the first week I saw a huge difference. My skin was clearer and more radiant. It does its job, you also dont need to put a lot because a little goes a long way. I put it on at night all over and in the morning only around my eyes and mouth because those are my dryest parts. This product has definitely helped my skin significantly!

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